Why Mules are Still Popular

Why Mules are Still Popular

There is no one particular style on how to wear mules. Indeed, mules are a mixture of contemporary and formal style which you can effortlessly wear at parties, work, vacations, dates and practically anywhere. These shoes have low heels with intricate designs that are not found on any other shoes with heels. Women often ask the question - Are mules’ formal shoes? The answer is “yes”, even though mules have unconventional styles. They are formal shoes because mules cover more than half of your feet. 

You can find a matching mule for all types of personalities and events. Raise the style quotient wherever you go with the best mule heels. Get some excellent tips on how to style mule heels based on your personality and outfits. Since different fashion ideas work out differently for people with variable style preferences, it is essential to find the right mule to raise your vibe. Also, mules are pocket-friendly, comfortable, stylish, and formal. Let us check out some of the finest options of mule heels and how to style them. 

Timeless Ways To Style Mule Heels 

  1. Gold Slingback Heels - The gold slingback heels exude an aura of elegance that work their magic with all kinds of outfits. You can wear them to any party or your workplace and earn compliments by the hour. It has an extravagant look but is neat and simple in design. It has a weave of adjustable straps and the mule heels are very low with pointy toes. They are comfortable to wear for a long time and the golden glittery work on the shoe makes it a valuable addition to your fashion wardrobe for all seasons and events. 
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  2. Carpenter Mules - Available in different sizes, the carpenter mules is a beautiful pair of shoes with a lot of snazzy geometrical work. These pairs easily exude a formal vibe and complement all kinds of dresses with bright colours. The upper body of the mule heel is made from premium-quality leather, has embellished straps, and is comfortable to wear throughout work hours. The shoe has a woody texture and the heels are isosceles in shape, supported by a chrome sphere. This shoe is truly one of the best works of hand craftsmanship that are priced reasonably as well.
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  3. Pillar Mules - The Pillar mules are a pair of contemporary shoes with unique features like an elastic strap, and a wooden texture isosceles heel. The shoe is completely black and to raise the style quotient higher, it also has a pointed-toe. The heel is supported over a handcrafted golden sphere and the adjustable straps offer superior grip and day-long comfort. The black colour of the shoe complements all outfits at different events. It is the best fashion mule heel for your wardrobe in 2021 with great durability, comfort and style. 
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Mules can have straps or simply be a slip-on. They are one of the most popular and evergreen pairs of shoes because they are comfortable, available in different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs, complement your unique style quotient, and most importantly, easy on the pocket. So, whether it’s date night, an important business meeting or a weekend outing, if you know how to style mule heels, you can wear them anywhere. So, get ready to don those mules and own the space!

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