Trending Designer Mule Heels For Women in 2022

Trending Designer Mule Heels For Women in 2022

Mule heels for women were a popular shoe in the 18th century when people loved to wear this type of shoe indoors. Later down the line, the trend for mules gained traction through the 1990s and became a common choice among celebrities as well. Mules are highly comfortable, durable and an appropriate fashion accessory to wear both day and night with ease. 

Mules have heels that offer excellent grip and comfort. Moreover, these types of shoes allow air circulation between the toes. There are different types of designer mules that have exclusive heels. 

mule heels for women

Your favourite celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lily Collins, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Alridge, Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Kendrick, Gigi Hadid and many others flaunt the new mix-and-match style with their designer mules. Designer mules complement different types of dresses like denim, shorts, skirts, formals and more. 

Aestheticholic has a fine collection of designer heeled mules to match the outfit and fashion sense of different personalities. Our favourite pair of mules include the Pillar mules, Gold Slingback heels and the Carpenter mules. 

Upgrade your fashion wardrobe with designer mules in 2022. Let’s check out some of the properties of the finest mule collection from AESTHETICHOLIC: 

  • Pillar Mules 

  •  Kirsten Dunst donned the Pillar mules lookalike at Los Angeles sometime back. The ultra-stylish pair of black mule heels add a fresh and contemporary look to colourful outfits. It plays with shapes and dons a unique heel with a golden sphere. The heel has a wooden isosceles bottom. It has an all-black colour and a classic pointed-toe design that comes with an elastic strap for superior grip and support. The Pillar mules is a highly comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear at parties and to work effortlessly.

    pillar mules

  • Gold Slingback Heels 

  • Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker was once spotted in New York wearing a cool pair of gold slingback heels alternative. This shoe has a timeless design and is an evergreen favourite mule heel for women. The Gold Slingback heels have a pointy toe and the heels are very low. It exudes magic and elegance with designer dresses and party outfits. The glittery gold design attracts attention and wows people at first sight. The shoe has an adjustable strap for superior grip and offers long hours of comfort when you wear them from morning to evening. 

    gold slingback heels

  • Carpenter Mules 

  • These are an edgy pair of heeled mules that work with geometry. The classy woody texture and brown colour of the shoe add a royal touch to your outfit. The heels have a chrome sphere and woody isosceles bottom. The Carpenter mules are made of premium-quality leather and have a suede embellished strap. Add them to the collection and don them with the perfect evening outfit at parties, vacations or work effortlessly.

    carpenter mules

    Raise the style bar wherever you go, stun your viewers and drape them with style. Get those exclusive pairs of designer mules and take the world by storm. You’re no less than a star and it’s time to shine for good! 

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