How to Choose the Correct Handbag for Your Physique

How to Choose the Correct Handbag for Your Physique

The accessories you wear and carry help to exhibit your persona like no other. Indeed, they help to bring in the X-factor and raise your vibe instantaneously. A handbag is an important accessory that is generally used by women of all ages and from various walks of life. In fact, the wide range of pocket-friendly stylish handbags available for women can leave them spoiled for choice. The options vary greatly and some of the premium choices with classic and contemporary style include leather handbags, multipurpose bags, rattan bags, tote bags and more. 

Given the array of beautiful bags for ladies,  everyone can pick their favourite to match their sense of style and personality. These bags have an exquisite design, great functionality and a special oomph factor. They are just what you need to boost your confidence and get ready to conquer the world. 

That said, let us check out how to go about picking the correct handbag for your physique.

  • Tall, Thin Women - Small and petite women should not carry bags with longer straps. It can make them look shorter. 

  • Small, Petite Women -  Tall and thin women should opt for structured boxy bags that highly complement their style. 

  • Curvy or Plus-Sized Women - Curvy and plus-sized women should play with proportion and choose medium-sized bags that lay flat against the body. 

  • Apple-Shaped Women - Pear-shaped women should avoid slouchy bags that fall on their hips. They should select structured bags that end above their hip line. 

  • Pear-Shaped Women - Apple-shaped women have a broader bust and waistline. Small handbags go against such a structure. Structured bags are a lovely choice for apple-shaped women because it rests by their hips and create a proportionate outlook. 

  • Rectangle-Shaped Women - Hourglass-shaped women have balanced shoulders and hips along with a well-defined waistline. Medium-sized bags, crossbody bags and tote bags are ideal options for women with this shape. 

  • Hourglass-Shaped Women - Rectangle-shaped women have a similar-sized waist, shoulders and hips. Handbags that can be tucked under the arm or rest by their waistline helps to create the illusion of curves. 

  • Stylish Handbags for Women in 2021 
    shoulder bag

  • Shoulder Bags - There is a wide range of characteristic feminine bags made of premium quality crystal beads, which sport a classic baguette look. It has a zipper closure for extra safety, an ergonomic design, top handles and can be easily carried on the shoulder. Moreover, it is replete with intricate details and has ample storage space. These pocket-friendly and structured hanging bags are appropriate for pear-shaped women
    plumage woven bag
  • Plumage Woven Bag - The Plumage Woven handbag is a popular choice if you have a small figure. The feathers and design on the bag are perfect to match a lightweight person. This bag has a pristine look with pearls and feathers handcrafted for detailing perfection. It can seamlessly amp up your aura with dresses at any party or event. The bag has top handles and is made of premium quality straw and has ample storage for essentials. This exclusive small-sized handbag is excellent for small, petite women.
    mini tote bag

  • Mini Tote Bags - The mini tote bags are available in a wide range of colours and perfectly suit taller personalities. This bag is made of premium quality materials, has long and top handles, a detachable shoulder strap, magnetic flap closure, inner zipper pocket and bottom studs. It is designed for all purposes and events, with a touch of intricate work and to give that sophistication. They can complement different dresses and outfits brilliantly. These structured bags are highly preferable for tall, thin women.
    beaded bags

  • Beaded Bags - There is a wide range of beaded bags that are available for women, no matter what their size. It is a free-sized square basket-shaped handbag made of strong, durable material and glossy pearls. The bags sport a unique cross pattern with black and white beads. This is an excellent option that complements dresses and outfits to match your style and personality. It is a great choice to carry these bags to work or for evening wear. The mixture of classic and contemporary elements make them the perfect companion for different events. It makes a great accessory option for apple-sized or plus-sized women.

  • Takeaway 

    There is a wide variety of beautiful bags for ladies of different shapes and sizes. Different handbags complement different personalities in their own unique way and every woman deserves to feel like a diva with functional stylish accessories that make them feel at ease. So, go ahead and pick the handbag that makes you look and feel your best. Let your handbag be your “wingman” wherever you go!

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