Birth and History of the Beaded Bag

Birth and History of the Beaded Bag

History of the Beaded Bag

Beaded bags have been in fashion for almost a decade now. The history of beaded bags can be traced back to the late 1800s when women were crafting beautiful beaded bags with imprints and design to boost the fashion industry. This happened when the Industrial Revolution came about and women around the world needed to carry their essentials.

Glass beads have been the earliest choice to design a beaded bag and they were popularised in France. These beads were available in different colours and sizes, and predominantly covered the handbags of the time. 

The history of beaded bags is pleasant as they started gaining popularity because of the different frames and beads used for decoration. Most of the beaded bags during the time were made from metal, glass and plastic to establish distinguishable patterns.

In the 1900s, different types of beaded bags were manufactured in the US as the country started producing its own kind of steel beads. However, these were fragile counterparts to what the French had to offer. 

The twentieth century saw different styles of beaded bags rising to fashion as women had more to carry. The signature fringe beaded bags were an iconic accessory for the women of the era. 

Types of Beaded Bags 

All types of beaded bags have dominated the fashion industries since their inception and there are different types of beaded bags with abstract, floral, geometric, and other art decorations. It can be rightly said that there is a different beaded bag to match your personality and flaunt your style. Here are some of the major types of beaded bags in trend: 

  1. Mini Bucket Beaded Bag - This is an ornamented brown coloured earthen mini bucket bag that elevates your style quotient conveniently. Chip beads are woven into a triangular pattern to add luxury and glamour to your evening look. Step out in style, with this decorative accessory and turn heads with your swag.
    Mini Bucket Beaded Bag
  2. Crystal Beaded Handbags - One of the finest and most stylish handbags in 2021, this bag uses chrome and crystal beads and is finely handcrafted to perfection. The crystal beaded handbag adds feminine energy and has multiple functions, which makes it even more appealing.
    Crystal Beaded Handbags
  3. Cross-Beaded Bags - This is a user-friendly handbag made with the best quality glossy beads and stands for sheer elegance. The unique cross pattern and the black and white combination adds a classic touch to this type of beaded bags. The best part about the cross-beaded bags is that it has enough space to accommodate all your essentials.
    Cross-Beaded Bags
  4. Floral Motifs Beaded Bags - Made of the finest quality beads and simulated pearls, the floral motif beaded bags are one of a kind with their vibrant colours and flower-patterned designs. These bags are an elegant piece of superior quality hand craftsmanship. 
    Floral Motifs Beaded Bags


There is a wide variety of beaded bag options to choose from that can conveniently ramp up your style and personalities. The different types of beaded bags are available in different shapes and sizes and made from different materials to serve different purposes. 

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