Are Rattan Bags More Durable Than Straw Bags?

Are Rattan Bags More Durable Than Straw Bags?

Rattan is a plant material that can be found in the hot tropical regions of Asia, Australia and Africa. We understand the questions that arise when you want to buy online straw and rattan bags. The rattan plant is a part of the palm family. Researchers have found over 600 different species and 13 genera of great quality rattan across the globe. The texture is close to that of bamboo.

Straw is a byproduct of grain crops like oats, wheat and barley. The stocks of these crops, most of which have been drained of their nutrients, are used to make straw products and accessories.
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There is no doubt that rattan bags are more durable than straw bags. However, there are multiple factors that need to be considered before arriving at a solid conclusion. While rattan bags are durable enough to last for years, straw bags may fall prey to time and lose their charm. Durable rattan and straw bags are easy to find and are great fashion accessories and outfit companions for women. There are beautiful designs found on both rattan and straw bags and the prices can vary, based on the craftsmanship, brand and other factors.

There is a wide variety of durable rattan and straw bags to match every personality and complement all kinds of outfits. 

Buy Online Straw and Rattan Bags 

For most of us, we like to hand-pick our accessories and cosmetics based on a lot of research. Nevertheless, there is one important factor to keep in mind before you buy online straw and rattan bags. Durability plays an important role in hand-crafted rattan and straw bags. Here are some of the most durable rattan and straw bags in the fashion trend list of 2021: 

  1. Burma Rattan Bucket Bag -  It is one of the most durable and stylish rattan multipurpose bags in the market at present. The Burma bucket bag gets its name from the unique bucket shape that is sophisticatedly woven by straws. It is a versatile hand/shoulder bag that is handcrafted for multiple functions. The bag has adjustable shoulder straps, bottom studs for support, a top handle with a fine grip and a fully functional flap cover. The Burma rattan bucket bag offers a fresh look and optimum comfort. It can conveniently store all your essentials.
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  2. Plumage Woven Bag - Rewards and discounts accompany this product. It is beautiful and sobre. The Plumage woven bag emanates a peaceful aura as it is beautifully handcrafted to perfection, with white pearls and feathers for detailing. It is a pristine-looking bag made of the best quality straw. The bag comes in the shape of a basket with sturdy handles. It has a spiral binding top handle for good grip and support. The bag has ample storage space to keep your belongings secure and is part of the fashion trend list of 2021.
     durable rattan and straw bags


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