Aestheticholic Gold and Ivory Bag Fashion Hack

Aestheticholic Gold and Ivory Bag Fashion Hack

Beaded handbags are trending because of a number of reasons. First, they are an excellent style accessory that can seamlessly elevate your style quotient. Second, beaded bags are also a top favourite for influencers and celebrities to carry to gala events.

Gigi Hadid, the highest paid supermodel, was spotted at the WSJ. Magazine Innovator Awards 2019 with her set of beaded bags, matching it with a long overcoat and high heels. Gigi’s beaded bag stole the spotlight as they exuded an effortless sense of fashion. Her bright-coloured beaded handbags were matched with pastel blue heels and a mono-coloured overcoat.

Want to create a similar look this holiday season? As beaded bags continue to steal shows and win hearts around the world, do not miss out on the opportunity to update your wardrobe with the latest and sensational beaded bags for any occasion. Chic, smart and with a 3D effect, thanks to the protruding beads, they are here to make YOU the perfect fashion icon!

In fact, you can feel no less than Gigi Hadid and be a star from the glamor world and bring out the true diva in you.
Bag Fashion HackThe Gold and Ivory bead bag from Aestheticholic is a classy handbag that has a striking gold and white print floral decor completely made with premium-quality beads. It adds classic elegance to your christmas party evening wear. The Gold and Ivory bead bag has a rigid structure to hold shape and offers ample space to carry your essentials effortlessly. The beaded top handles of the bag offer excellent grip. Fashionistas can easily throw them over the shoulders or carry them in hand with boots, mules, flat feet and other classic shoes. The gold and ivory bead bag styles multiple metallic glitters that go seamlessly with mellow and darker monocolour outfits. 

Get ready for the holidays and the new year. And what better way to do it than by carrying the Aestheticholic Gold and Ivory Bag? Dress sharp to look sharp. Here’s to looking your festive best!

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