5 Summer Style Trends

5 Summer Style Trends - AESTHETICHOLIC

So, now that the pandemic is quite under control and with winter gone as well, summer is upon us. This means, that it is time to break back out of our “new normal” and burst back into the fashion game. Want people to set their gaze on you while you step out of home? Upgrade your wardrobe with the summer style trends of 2021

As the warmer season is nearing, let us glance through some of the latest summer fashion trends of 2021 and check what it has in store for all of us. Also, it is important to keep comfort in mind during the warm summers. Colourful, high-quality fabric cool details are essential for the fashion products you choose in summer. There will always be innumerable options to choose from including handcrafted and designer products.

Here are some of the cool, chic, elegant and breezy summer fashion trends of 2021 to match personalities and raise style quotient: 

  1. Straw Bucket Bags - Highly innovative and 100% handcrafted from the finest quality straws, the bucket bags are a breathable addition to your list of accessories. They have a unique style and a rustic look and an entirely cylindrical body, unlike any hand or shoulder bags we have ever seen. This is the topmost pick for the summer fashion trends of 2021. 
  2. Straw Bucket Bags summer fashion trends of 2021Woven Bags - This bag has a peaceful aura and pristine look handwoven with pearls and feather details. It is one of the strongest contenders in the list of summer style trends of 2021 which seamlessly elevates your style bar. These woven bags come in the shape of a basket and are made of the finest quality straws. Since it is a handbag, there are top handles with spiral bindings and feather charms. A perfect partner for your summer days.
  3. Woven Bags summer style trends of 2021Mini Bags - Mini bags have been around for some time. However, these earthen mini bucket bags are a special edition summer style trends of 2021. Handwoven into a beautiful geometric pattern, these handbags are the perfect decorative accessories for women in 2021. The bags are made from the best quality chunky spherical beads to add some drama to your summer looks. 
  4. Mini Bags summer fashion trends of 2021Beady Bags - These square-shaped handwoven handbags resemble everything beads. It is inspired by tapestries and has contrasting colours that match your summer style and mood. The beaded bags elevate your style quotient and enhance your look. It is the perfect accessory to complement your evening summer fashion trends for 2021.

  5. Floral Bags - These handbags are the most elegant handcrafted accessories to storm the summer fashion trends for 2021. The floral bags have flower motifs handwoven from the best quality beads to add an ethereal feeling. This is a sturdy bag with fixed top handles and sufficient spacing to carry your essentials safely and regularly. 
summer fashion trends of 2021 Floral Bags

Boost your style statement this 2021 summer with the finest collection of accessories. There is a diverse range of products to choose from that will suit your personality and elevate your fashion experience. Keep cool with the most breathable line of handbags and accessories this summer!

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