4 Holiday Trends

4 Holiday Trends - AESTHETICHOLIC

Holidays are something we look forward to because they are relaxing and refreshing. They essentially help us to rejuvenate ourselves and return to our regular lives with a new zest. And as things are coming back to normal, people too are gradually embarking on trips and holidays. Well, now is the time to update your wardrobe and utility items as per the holiday fashion trends for 2021

When you’re on a holiday, you want to make sure you’re feeling comfortable as well as looking your best. It’s time to step out of the mediocrity and bask in the new. And what better way to do that than by surprising your friends and family with a brand new look on your next holiday? 

Fresh designs are ruling the market, and whether it is shoes or multipurpose handbags, get a hang of the latest trends to perfect your holiday. Nothing builds and boosts your confidence when you feel good about the way you carry yourself with your favourite accessories. So don’t wait. Begin now. 

Here are some of the finest holiday fashion hacks for 2021 that you should have on your list of collections: 

  • The Burma Straw Bucket Bag - These handmade structured bucket bags are made from the best quality straw and leather. The straw bucket bag is one of the topmost holiday fashion trends for 2021. These bags have bottom studs for support on hard surfaces, adjustable shoulder straps and sport a flap closure. The base is made of leather and has a solid circular shape. It is a brand new collection for a super versatile look. 

    straw bucket bag women

  • Iconic Loafers - Loafers have always been about mixing old school fashion with the latest styling trends. The boho-chic loafers are yet another ideal holiday fashion hack for 2021. These iconic loafers have patterned panels and laced straps to add to your style quotient. Loafers are your ideal holiday partners because they are easy to slip in, have bold and beautiful designs and most importantly are super comfy. Also, when it comes to loafers, you can choose the type of soles you want for them to match your comfort level.

    women loafers

  • Terrific Tote Bags - Bright coloured tote bags that have rectangular panel constructions are an absolutely remarkable holiday fashion trend for 2021. This is a fun and trendy multipurpose bag that can be carried around in your hand or on your shoulders. They have detachable shoulder straps and long handles for comfort and a firm grip. Make a style statement the next time you are out for a holiday with these outstanding tote bags. They are available in multiple colours, have magnetic flaps for security, and allow a lot of space for storage. 

    coloured tote bags

  • Heeled Boots - A simple yet chic pair of ankle boots that have short heels is another latest holiday fashion trend for 2021. This pair of boots comes with zipper closures and look great for all occasions. So, why not wear them when you are out for a holiday as well? They give off a playful vibe that matches your holiday energy. So, go, explore! 

    leather heeled boots women

  • Make your 2021 holidays more fun and inspiring with playful colours that match your personality. 

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